Artist Avenue Podcast


This week I’ve had the honour of being featured on the very lovely Artist Avenue Podcast, run by the inimitable Christiana Hartsiotis. Artist Avenue explores the many and varied journeys creatives have taken within the industry to get to where they are now, and celebrates their uniqueness.

During the recording, we spoke a lot about how it’s okay to rethink your career path if it’s not working for you. I originally trained in musical theatre, then focused on acting, before moving backstage first with directing and now stage management as well. It is a journey I would never have foreseen for myself and the variety has only enhanced and informed my career so far.

Changing your mind is not a weakness, starting something new does not mean you have failed, nothing is wasted in your journey.

I hope everyone is okay, and that we can share space again soon.

Lots of love,

G x

P.S. You can find the Artist Avenue Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast and Podbean. Here’s a link to them on Facebook: and Instagram:

Happy listening!

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