As a Stage Manager

Illusions of Liberty

Applecart Arts, 2021

Written by Lorna Wells

Directed by Aisling Gallagher

Produced by Rebecca Dilg

Love, Genius and a Walk

Theatro Technis, 2021

Written by Gay Walley

Directed by Leah Townley

Produced by LGW Productions


Etcetera Theatre, 2019

Written by Dave Bain

Directed by Dave Bain

Produced by Skitzoid Productions


The Hope Theatre, 2019

Written by Ollie George Clark

Directed by Rob Ellis

Produced by Relish Theatre

As We Unravel

The Bread and Roses Theatre, 2019

Written by Annie Power

Directed by Sassy Clyde

Produced by Lotus Players Productions

Little Echoes

The Hope Theatre, 2019

Written by Tom Powell

Directed by Stephen Bailey

Produced by Pentire Street Productions


The White Bear Theatre, 2018

Written by Kevin Mandry

Directed by Stephen Bailey

Metamorphoses 2

Waterloo East Theatre, 2018

Directed by Kasia Rozycki

Produced by Off the Cliff Theatre


Reduced to a Thing That Wants

The White Bear Theatre, 2020

Written by Scarlett Woolfe & Jess Cole

Directed by Scarlett Woolfe

Produced by Tanzlar Theatre

Invisible Me

Conway Hall 2020

Written by Bren Gosling

Directed by Nicky Allpress

Living with the Lights On

Goldden Goose Theatre, 2020

By Mark Lockyer